Professional Shop Drawings

Celerity Drafting Solutions offers an unmatched level of service when it comes to producing working, "Shop friendly" drawings. Your project will be drawn by a real journeyman cabinetmaker with decades of shop and field experience, not by a youngster fresh out of technical college.

Because of this, we provide much more than rote duplications of the architecturals. We engineer working details at the time of the submittal and any potential problems in the form of poor material usage, installation considerations, conflicts and ADA issues are immediately brought to your attention and handled the way you want.

Your shop drawing format, company logo and any other artwork can easily be duplicated on any size page.



CAD/CAM Services

If you own a flat-table or point-to-point machining center, our drawings can be specifically designed to make the lives of your programmer and operator easier. We can provide all necessary DXF files for odd shaped and one-of-a-kind parts. We can even provide the actual G-code on select machines.




At the customer's request we can provide full 3D renderings of complicated pieces. Although renderings are seldom, if ever needed by qualified shop personnel, they can greatly enhance the quality of your presentation to designers, especially with pieces that don't "show" well in a mechanical drawing format.